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5 Steps for Choosing the Best E-Liquid: A Beginner’s Guide

If you’re a new to vaping, the huge number of technical terms can be confusing. Even once you’ve bought or built out your device, there remains the difficult task of choosing the best eliquid to fit your mod and personal preferences. This step-by-step guide will help you decide and find the liquid for the best possible vaping experience!

Step One: Take Your Setup Into Consideration 


All setups are not created equal! First, determine if your tank is MTL (mouth to lung) or sub ohm. MTL tanks tend to provide a more authentic smoking experience, and can more effectively provide nicotine. Sub-ohm tanks require much greater heat and juice consumption, but in return provide much thicker clouds. Both will provide a great experience, but the tank type plays a role in the next step:

Step Two: Decide on PG vs. VG

E-liquid is made up of propylene glycol (PG) and/or vegetable glycerin (VG). The first of these is most frequently used in MTL tank setups, and gives the user a throat hit and experience similar to that of a cigarette. Lower heat is necessary as well, and consumption rates are lower. Additionally, because the substance is so thin, there is much less residue buildup in your tank. Unfortunately, though, some report allergic reactions to PG, with occasional rashes and stomach upset. Liquids high in VG are totally natural and derived from plant substances, so are the base of choice for those with allergies. The thicker consistency means thicker clouds, but more frequent maintenance due to residue buildup. They also have a much softer throat hit and can distort taste due to their own unique flavour.

Step Three: Choose Your Flavor Profile 


The number of flavour choices can be downright overwhelming. With hundreds upon hundreds, if not thousands, of options, how can you possibly decide? It all comes down to trial and error. Determine the base qualities you’re looking for (sweet, sour, fruity, etc.) and try to order some trial sizes built around that flavour. As you refine your vaping taste preferences, you’ll be able to associate in similar “groups” and test out variations on your favourite theme.

Step Four: Decide on Nicotine

*Disclaimer: Nicotine is classified as a schedule 7 poison and is therefore illegal to be sold at retailers throughout Australia.

Another huge element of choosing your e-liquid is the nicotine concentration. The nicotine is what provides the slight “buzz” that often accompanies cigarette or hookah smoking. Heavy cigarette smokers transitioning to a vaping setup often need 24mg of nicotine or higher to satisfy their cravings and really feel the throat hit, while beginners can be satisfied with as little as 3mg. High nicotine concentrations can be overwhelming and even painful for new smokers, so if you are inexperienced be sure to start low. Determine your previous level of smoking experience, and experiment with the range of nicotine concentrations available to find which delivers the best feeling without hurting your throat.

Step Five: Order Your E-Liquid 


The final and most important step: actually ordering your e-liquid! With the hundreds of possible vendors, it can be difficult to choose a supplier. Here at Pirate Point Vape, we make it easy to find the best e-liquid at the best prices. With nothing but top-quality products and friendly customer service standing by to answer any questions you may have, we’ll get you up and running with your new setup in no time!

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