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Is Nicotine Harmful? | Consider this...

Many individuals Assume that Nicotine is bad for you, but really nothing might be further from the truth, medical evidence and research shows that Nicotine in its purest form doesn't cause cancer and might actually offer numerous health benefits.

The problem with Nicotine is its reputation, caused by its connection with cigarette smoking.

Nicotine is an inexpensive, common, and largely safe drug, that has been in daily use for hundreds of years by hundreds of millions of individuals, that only recently has been researched for its curative potential. Curative potentials would include Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, Depression and Anxiety, Schizophrenia, attention deficit hyperactivity disorder (ADHD), and even obesity.

Why has interest in this possible cure-all been slow to grow? One possible reason: in its current forms, the drug offers pharmaceuticals firms no possibility of considerable profit. Another, maybe more significant: the "drug" is reviled as the world's most addictive. Consequently, people tend to "shut out" any proof that Nicotine may be healthful when not consumed along with other harmful substances.

Speaking of cigarettes, we all know that there are hundreds of thousands of chemicals contained in cigarettes, which include the ever so deadly Carbon Monoxide, Arsenic and Ammonia.

The research on the advantages of Nicotine has aroused serious interest and therefore has been funded by the federal government in the US.

Nicotine is, in fact, a naturally occurring compound in nature. Nicotine suffers from its bad reputation simply because of its presence in cigarette smoking, which we all know is among the main killers in the civilized world.

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