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Laan by Shanlaan Review 2017 | $100 + Pod Mod, Worth It?

The most expensive Pod Mod we have found to date. With a $100+ AUD price tag, you would hope this Pod Mod would be worth the investment. With a pod system that claims to be inovative and an all steel body, this device makes big claims and has the price tag to match. But is it all worth it?, we will cover;

  1. Product Overview
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Detailed Overview
  4. Is it for you?

As with all products tested on site, they have been used exclusivley for a period of no less than 7 days, any critisisms are that of the author and reflect the specific device being used. We review what we get, Pros and Cons included.

Product Overview

The Laan Device comes packaged in what I would describe as a large, white, plastic, soap shaped box. Complete with a paper sleeve, there are no markings on the exterior except the words "Laan". Inside the box we had recieved;

1. The Laan Device Battery / Body,

2. Two empty proprietary Pods,

3. A Short White USB charging cable,

4. All the standard documentation. Manual, Warranty, etc.

At first glance, when all put together the device itself looks like a small dil**. The Laan is solid (very solid) and can withstand an incredible amount of abuse. The draw is comparible to the Envii FITT and the flavour that it produces is the best we have tasted to date. Using Night by Daily Dose (100%VG) as the main tester E-Liquid we have put the device through its paces.


  • Solid... Very Solid
  • The entire device seems to be very well put together.
  • The flavour from this Pod Mod is the best we have tasted to date.
  • The draw is near perfect.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Easy to use.
  • Easy to switch pods in an instant.
  • One Pod lasts about a week.


  • Expensive.
  • Steel mouthpiece hurts when smacked against your teeth.
  • Leather is not real.
  • Looks like a "Pleasure Device" (not orally).

Detailed Overview

The Laan Pod Mod, despite being expensive, has a decent feel in hand. It is not as ergonomic as the Envii FITT but its flavour production is far superior.

The Draw

In comparison with other devices in this category, the Laan Pod Mod is more on the looser side.

The Flavour

The flavour delivered by the Laan is incredible! Thats all we can really say about it. Comparible to the legendary T18 in terms of vapor production and flavour.


The Laan only takes roughly 45 minutes to charge (approximatley) using the supplied USB cable and a standard wall outlet. The device had only lasted us around 7-8 hours of exclusive use, which is seen to be the standard (exclusive of the BO One, MyJet and Pulse).

Tips & Tricks

The included empty pods can be reused a total of 8 times before you start to notice a decline in flavour. Also, when fully charged the device will show no light through the "flip open" circular cap at the base of the device. The included app that can be found on both android and iOS is handy and is well worth the download.


Is it for you?

The Laan by ShanLaan can be considered as a premium device. Whether or not it is worth the hefty price tag is arguable, but what you do get for your money is a solid and reliable device.

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