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Suorin Air Review 2017 | Vape Slimmer than a Credit Card?

After a few years of "Chucking Clouds" with big mods, big tanks and big liquid, the market is starting to shift in a new direction. Ultra portable, stealthy and sexy "Pod Mod's". In this post we will be taking a look at the Suorin Air. Manufactured in China by Shenzhun Goldreams Technology, with major marketing claiming its produced in the same factory as multiple Apple devices and is attempting to scream quality. We will cover;

  1. Product Overview
  2. Pros & Cons
  3. Detailed Overview
  4. Is it for you?

As with all products tested on site, they have been used exclusivley for a period of no less than 7 days, any critisisms are that of the author and reflect the specific device being used. We review what we get, Pros and Cons included.

Product Overview

The Suorin Air arrived in a very sleek and simple package. All white, with images of the device in black placed all over. In the kit you recieve;

1. A Suroin Air Battery,

2. A Fabric Charging Cable,

3. A User Manual,

4. A Suroin Air Cartridge, and

5. A Caution Note.

The manual is basiclly useless, it seems as if it was poorly translated. I would have liked to see 2 Cartridges included because (as of writting) there seems to be a delay in manufacturing with Suorin limiting the amount of re-fillable cartridges available to wholesalers and retailers. Apart from that, out of the package everything worked. The cartridge and battery clicked together easily, the cartridge was easily refillable and charging was reliable and fast.


  • Sleek Form Factor, no bigger than a Credit Card in length.
  • Feels quality made except for the "on/off" switch.
  • Very lightweight.
  • Close to perfect draw. Not too tight, not too lose.
  • Easy to refill.
  • Charges very quickly (30 mins max)


  • Lack of cartridge availability.
  • Battery empties within 7 - 8 hours of use.
  • "on/off" switch rattles.
  • Cartridge may not connect flush with battery (<1ml tolerance).

Detailed Overview

The Suorin Air fits in the palm nicley, the overall aesthetics of the product is fine. Sucking on the edge of a rectangle may take some getting used to by some.

The Draw

In comparison to the MyJet, the Suorin Air has a vastly looser draw. I personally found the MyJet to be too tight a draw. The auto-draw mechanism on the Suorin Air is yet to fail and has delivered a consistant vape througout our extensive use. The Suorin Air has a looser draw than the MyJet, Pulse, and is similar to the envii FITT.

The Flavour

The flavour delivered by the Suorin Air is one of the best we have tested to date. Still nothing like an RDA, but you shouldnt expect that from these devices as that is a completly different kettle of fish. Using Night by Daily Dose as the tester eLiquid througout all devices tested, with the Suorin Air we had picked up only 65% of the flavour profile. I believe this to be acceptable for such a small package, only at 18mg was a throat hit picked up (Heavy Vaper, you might require less).


The Suorin Air only takes roughly 30 minutes to charge (if that) using the supplied USB cable and a standard wall outlet. The device had only lasted us around 7-8 hours of exclusive use, which is seen to be the standard (exclusive of the BO One, MyJet and Pulse).

Tips & Tricks

When charging the Suorin Air, the little blue light located near the on/off" switch will be blinking, once fully charged the blue light will remain solid. The little bit of rubber on the cartridge that you pull to access the refill port is designed to stay there, the entire rubber piece does not need to be pulled of, only the front part giving access to the port.


Is it for you?

It depends on the type of vaper you are. This device is primarily targeted at people new to the industry or just people looking to get away from imitating a chimney whilst vaping in the car.

The Suorin Air has, by far, the easiest refill system on any Pod Mod we have seen. There is very little fiddeling with regards to the refilling and/or using of the device, making this a very fuss free buy.

This product has begginers covered, stealth vapers covered, and workday vapers covered. We here at Pirate Point Vape have been very pleased with the Suorin Air as a whole, and will therefore be stocking it online and in store

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