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What Is Propylene Glycol? | PG before Vaping?
So what exactly is Propylene Glycol? What does it do? Where did it come from? What was Propylene Glycol before vaping?

Well, Propylene Glycol alongside other substances such as Baking Soda is often utilized in everyday foods, it also has a wide range of uses outside food, such as being used in pharmaceuticals like cosmetic and personal care products.

Propylene Glycol is usually included as a food component to ordinary products such as frostings, candies, and baked goods. It is also handy as a component in natural flavourings to help disperse flavouring evenly throughout the product. Propylene Glycol is generally recognized as a "Safe Foods" component, meaning it has been deemed safe for its intended use in food. Propylene Glycol is also commonly utilized to maintain the humidity level in pre-packaged foods and additionally functions to maintain their flavour quality over longer time periods.

It's also found in specific flavourings such as vanilla or almond extracts utilized in baking, and also in some forms of food colouring.

The US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) and The Joint Expert Committee on Food Additives have already reviewed scientific research on the safety of Propylene Glycol to ensure that it is safe for its intended uses in food. The use of Propylene Glycol is also governed by the FDA to ensure its ongoing safe use and consumption.

The FDA does this so that it may set limitations on the uses and quantities of Propylene Glycol together with other components which may be utilized in foods and drinks. With regards to FDA rulings, current ingestion of Propylene Glycol is considered safe and is usually well below levels which could raise any concern.

But, but... isn't propylene glycol harmful because it's in antifreeze?

No. Propylene Glycol's use in food and beverages is frequently confused with the previous use of Ethylene Glycol in antifreeze, which IS very harmful to both humans and pets if consumed.

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