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Pirate Point Vape was founded in Newcastle NSW Australia by two blokes who were fed up with smoking. We found vaping and hadn't looked back.

It was by no means love at first sight though, I personally have been vaping on and off for over 8 years. Ciggalikes to Sub-Ohm'ing, 5ml to 120ml bottles, but one thing made the switch stick this time around... Flavour. Back in the day everything tasted like nothing (to me anyway), but with the industry growing the way it has and with technology constantly improving we now have access to an amazing range of unbelievable flavours from a range of suppliers with Industry Experts and R&D Teams that are innovating the industry as we know it. From Popcorn to Creme Brûlée, the game has changed.

So whats the problem?, our industry is in its infancy here in Australia, we are no where near as large as the US or the UK. Naturally, this means that (on average) the price of importing these products for the average vaper is just to high! This is where we come in. Connecting directly with the Manufacturers and delivering the best to you, the VaperOur mission is to successfully implement ways for each and every vaper to get what they want when they want without paying over the top prices.

With our programs like "Liquid Start" assisting up and coming E-Liquid manufacturers here in AUS. Our "Curator" program ensuring that every vaper has their say in what we stock, or who we negotiate with. The "Annual Vapey Awards" created to recognise the best suppliers and brands. Pirate Point Vape will assist in making vape great - Denis, Pirate Point Vape Founder