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Any question regarding the authenticity of our resident 'Admiral Fog' the 18th century pirate, interested only in sea shantys and nautical tails whom dreamed this entire company up mid tobacco pipe in a hamock would be obsurd and quite frankly laughable. Pirate Point Vape will decline to comment any further.

With current legislation in place, Pirate Point Vape can make no claims to any theraputical benifits of any of our products sold and/or whether these products could assist you in quitting smoking. Any occurance of your smoking habits reducing whilst using Vaping products are entirley co-incidental and should have no reflection on the use of these products.

We can only advise that you use your own methods of research and fully understand what Vaping is before you make your purchase.

We are located in Stockton NSW, the nearest local landmark being 'Pirate Point' (also it sounds bad-ass).

PG is part of the good stuff that makes up eLiquid, click here for a fancy Wikipedia Article complete with photos and sources.

VG is another part of the overall formulation of eLiquid, click here to find another Wiki article with all the info you might need.

Curator and/or Curated content was created by Pirate Point Vape to enable the consumer to have a direct say in what we stock. With a community of curators and PPV's purchasing power we would be able to create something awesome right here in AUS.

The Liquid Start Program was designed by us to assist local producers and help their brand grow!. Every 6 months we will trial different AUS manufacturers and select one of the applicants to help them in Marketing, Logistics and Distribution, click here to learn more.

The Annual Vapeys are a very highley renowned* and prestegious* award ceremony, where the community will award leading eLiquid manufacturers, flavours, and producers. Click here to learn more.

We do absolutley nothing (with your information). Click here to see our Privacy Policy.


Depending on the order placed we pick and choose between the following Couriers;

  • AusPost
  • AusPost Express
  • Star Track
  • Sendle
  • Couriers Please

Of course, If you select your own shipping method, we will use that exact method as requested. eg, AusPost Express Shipping, we shall then use AusPost Express Shipping.

This depends on the shipping method selected;

Standard Free Shipping - Between 2 - 5 Business Days

Standard Shipping - Between 2 - 5 Business Days

Express Shipping - Between 1 - 4 Business Days

Please Note: If you are located in a remote area, the above mentioned shipping times may vary.

Orders placed before 11am will be shipped the same day. Orders placed after 11am will be shipped the following day. If we are unable to fulfill your purchase within the above time frame, you will be notified immediatley.

We take care of that for you depending on the size of your order ;)

Our fulfillment team will more than likley pick up any shipping delays before you do. However, if there is something that we manage to miss Contact Us and we will get back in touch with you ASAP.

An angry email and/or phone call will be placed to the relevant Courier company. There is yet to be a damaged order sent out as we have carfully picked out who we use to deliver Vape Mail.

If your shippment does manage to arrive in a less than satisfactory state, Contact Us and we will get back to you ASAP.

Why Thank You.

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All of the Couriers we use provide detailed and accurate tracking. You will be updated as to the location of your shippment at all times.

For AusPost Customers, the AusPost App available on both iOS and Android is fantastic.


We currently accept PayPal, PayPal Express, MasterCard, and Visa.

Our website is SSL encrypted and secured.

You will recieve an automated Email and Browser confirmation from us. If this has not occured Contact Us.

Currently we do not offer either AfterPay or ZipPay.

We intend to commence offering these payment methods in April 2018.

That is not good.

Please Contact Us and let us know exactly what is happening, we will get back in touch ASAP.

If the issue is not with your bank and/or card. The issue may be on our side, if you believe this to be the case Contact Us and we will be back in touch ASAP.

Yes, we do.

Please see our Refund Policy for further information.